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03 avril 2020


Did you ever wonder what was the hype around oils? Argan oil, castor oil, almond oil… So many oils and so little information… Well, way before the conventional monde cosmétique that we all know today existed, people used to take care of themselves with vegetable oil, all around the world. From Greek Antiquity to pre-1800s Africa, oils have been around for millenaries and our first source of cosmetics, making women Naturellement belle.

Oil is the new gold.

Today, finding beauté propre cosmetics tends to be harder and harder since the incredible rise of beauté verte: indeed, a lot of company hide themselves behind greenwashing (and we are talking about that here). The oil that you choose has to be première pression à froid and 100% natural, which means there is no chemicals in it. When buying one, flip the bottle and take a look at the ingredients. If there is more than one, then it’s not 100% of oil. At Namur, our products are made with 100% of natural oil. Each of our skincare and haircare are one-product only, the oil, and organic. Take a look at our website to learn more about us and our values. Until then, here are the three best reasons to use oil in your daily routine.

  • Best friend with our skin: the truth about vegetable oils is that they suit perfectly our skin, thank to fatty acids. Fatty acids are the main component in lipids, meaning any fat in any form that you know is made with lipids. Any vegetable oil is made by crushing fruits, nuts or leaves, breaking the sugar that becomes oil. Basically. Back to our skin. Our skin, especially our face skin, is recovered by an oil naturally made by our body: the sebum. Our skin is so well compatible with vegetable oils that our skin loves it, thinking it is its own. The skin then regulate itself because all its needs is covered by the vegetable oil you applied. Our daily face moisturizing is made with 100% of organic argan oil, right from Morroco and obviously first cold pressed. Same with our makeup remover made with 100% of almond oil that will remove any makeup while respecting your skin and not stripping it of its natural oil (the sebum, did you follow?). Doesn’t matter if you have oily, dry or Peau normal, oils are made for all skin type.

  • Packed with benefits: We talked about hydrating fatty acids like (omegas 3, 6 and 9) seconds ago but did you know vegetable oils didn’t just bring fatty acids? Oils are full of vitamins. But what is a vitamin? A small molecule that our body needs to function correctly but can’t produce by its own. So, we have to take them from outside like in food (it seems like you actually are what you eat but that’s a whole other conversation) or in cosmetics. And the purer and more untouched your product is, the better quality your vitamins are. Organic cosmetics are a good start but a 100% natural, organic and untransformed item will guaranty you the best quality. All of our products are 100% natural, untransformed and 4 of them have an organic certification. Our Body Moisturizing is made with 100% of raw and virgin coconut oil, full of vitamins A and E, which are strong antioxidants: your skin is protected and aging signs are delayed. Vegetable oils also contains carbs that maintains the skin young and beautiful, just like Lana Del Ray said.

  • Moisturizing, nourishing, and way way more: To each oil its own proprieties, including but not limited to sunblock, anti-aging, regenerating... Switching to a clean beauty routine can quickly get very expensive. But if you are well educated on the topic, you’ll learn that oils can do pretty much everything. They’ll never be as efficient as conventional cosmetics, but oils will never be as harmful as those either. To protect your skin from the sun, a raspberry seed oil is perfect with a SPF rising up to 50 (you know the drill by now, the better the quality, the best efficiency). To treat acne, our Daily Moisturizer is the way to go because argan oil has anti-inflammatory proprieties. For anti-aging, the best oil is the prickly pear seed oil (the poire cactus, delicious by the way). Our Miracoulus anti-aging oil is made with 100% of prickly cactus oil, first cold pressed. Extremely rich in amino acids, Vitamin K, antioxidants and fatty acids, it is considered as the best antiaging natural product. It normalizes, moisturizes, firms the skin and is highly effective at regenerating it.

If you have never used oil on your skincare routine, it’s time to try them out. Working on every skin type, full of good nutriments and multitasking, they are every beauty addict’s dream.

At Namur Cosmetics, we want you to be a beauté naturelle. We want you to use less dangerous cosmetics and reveal your true beauty. Our oils are the perfect investment: 100% natural, organic and first cold pressed. Check out our website and enroll in your new beauty regiment. Our products will change your life. Yep, nothing less.

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